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Meeting the Needs of a Growing Business!

In a world of evolving business communications strategies, Spiff and Spruce Commercial Cleaning found itself at a crucial crossroads. During a pivotal meeting between Rachel Kanek, the brains behind Spiff and Spruce, and our team, the path forward became clearer than ever.

Rachel, a master in her industry, was eager to explore new avenues that could set her company apart. One of the immediate challenges we identified was the reliance on her personal mobile number as the primary point of contact in advertisements, on company vans, and for customer communications. This was not uncommon in small businesses but it presented certain limitations.

The Dilemma: Landline Numbers and Perceptions in Modern Business:

Customers often perceive a company’s professionalism and reliability through the communication information provided. While mobile numbers are practical, some clients prefer working with companies that display a more established presence, typically associated with landline numbers.

The Solution a dedicated landline number for all communications :

During our meeting, we introduced Rachel to an innovative service designed to address this precise challenge. Spiff and Spruce Commercial Cleaning could now have a dedicated local landline number that seamlessly filtered and forwarded calls to Rachel’s mobile phone. This small yet impactful change could make a substantial difference for a growing enterprise like Spiff and Spruce.

Key Benefits of Business Communications :

Enhancing Credibility: By having a landline number featured prominently in their advertisements and communications, Spiff and Spruce was able to instantly enhance their professional image. This subtle alteration allowed them to resonate with a broader client base who associated landline numbers with trustworthiness.

Call Differentiation: The implementation of a landline number also allowed Spiff and Spruce to differentiate customer calls. Calls could be seamlessly routed to the right team member’s mobile phone, creating the crucial first impression the company desired.

Efficient Voicemail Management: In addition to the landline number, we incorporated a voicemail-to-email feature. This proved to be a game-changer, as it enabled Spiff and Spruce’s team to access voicemails at any time and from any location through their computers. No more missed messages or delays in addressing client inquiries.

No Need for a Complicated System for your Communications:

One of the most remarkable aspects of this service is that it doesn’t require an elaborate telephone system. What it demands is the willingness of an MSP (Managed Service Provider) to support small businesses during their growth phase. With our assistance, Spiff and Spruce Commercial Cleaning was able to make this transition smoothly and effectively.

In conclusion, this case study showcases how Spiff and Spruce Commercial Cleaning, under the visionary leadership of Rachel Kanek, made a strategic move that not only improved their professional image but also enhanced communication efficiency. This small but impactful change played a significant role in the company’s ongoing growth and success. It’s a testament to the power of innovation and adaptability.

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How JLex Networks Can Transform Private Schools and Nurseries through Advanced Technology

Visionary Educators of Private Schools and Nurseries, are you prepared to embark on a transformative journey into the world of advanced technology? Your quest for cutting-edge solutions concludes here. Introducing JLex Networks – a trailblazing partner dedicated to revolutionizing your institution’s technological landscape. Our three-pronged approach, encompassing Managed Antivirus, Hosted Telephony, and Expert IT Support, is meticulously curated to elevate your establishment while providing unwavering guidance.

Embark on this blog journey with an enticing glimpse into a technologically empowered classroom, where engaged students and inspired educators come together, encapsulating the potential of JLex Networks’ offerings. This visual ignites a sense of aspiration and resonates deeply with private school and nursery professionals.

1. Managed Antivirus Technology : Defending Digital Frontiers

In a digital realm fraught with cyber threats, JLex Networks’ Managed Antivirus service stands as a guardian of your institution’s virtual boundaries. Immerse your establishment in cutting-edge security that shields against evolving risks. This service ensures a seamless educational environment, reinforcing your commitment to safety and the integrity of confidential data.

2. Hosted Telephony: Bridging Communication Gaps

Wave farewell to antiquated communication methods and embrace a connected future with JLex Networks’ Hosted Telephony service. Elevate parent-teacher engagement, amplify internal collaboration, and streamline operations with sophisticated telephony solutions. Experience the power of smooth interactions, advanced functionalities, and customized configurations tailored to your institution’s identity.

3. Expert IT Support: Navigating Technological Horizons

Embark on a voyage into the digital age with JLex Networks’ specialized IT support, meticulously designed for private schools and nurseries. Our adept team comprehends the intricacies of your operational landscape, offering proactive monitoring, rapid issue resolution, and personalized consultations. Entrust your technology realm to us, allowing you to nurture educational excellence with confidence.

4. Crafting Tailored Solutions: Your Institutional Identity, Amplified

JLex Networks’ ethos revolves around customized solutions, acknowledging the unique DNA of each educational institution. Collaborate closely with us to decipher your aspirations, challenges, and budgetary considerations. The outcome? Bespoke IT solutions that seamlessly align with your institution’s ethos, fostering efficiency, productivity, and student success.

5. Embracing the Digital Technology Era: Leading with Innovation

In an era marked by rapid technological evolution, partnering with JLex Networks ensures your private school or nursery’s pole position. Our commitment to staying abreast of the latest trends positions your institution as an innovation torchbearer. Equip your students with the digital prowess needed to excel in an ever-changing world.


Unleash the potential of technology within your private school or nursery through JLex Networks’ comprehensive suite of services – Managed Antivirus, Hosted Telephony, and Expert IT Support. Commence your institution’s technological evolution today by scheduling a consultation. Allow us to architect your technological success, as you inspire and shape the leaders of tomorrow in a digitally empowered world.

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Top 3 reasons to have JLex as your Outsourced IT company

Top 3 Reasons to have JLex as your Outsourced IT Company

Outsourcing your IT to JLex has many benefits to your business, not least because we make it so easy for you. Here are at least three more reasons…

1. Award-winning customer service

We were thrilled to win the Silver category for Best Customer Service of the Year award in the 2023 SME London Business Awards. The criteria for this was the need to give outstanding assistance and advice to those who use our services. We had to back this up with customer testimonials.

Winning was such an honour because the JLex Networks ethos is to offer affordable, effective IT solutions, delivered in a simple, jargon-free way. This award proves that we put our customers first, keeping IT easy to understand – who doesn’t want an IT system like that?

2. First-rate family business

JLex operates like one big, happy family – partly because it is family-run, but also because we treat our customers like family and maintain family values through all we do. So it was a delight to win the Silver category for Family Business of the Year award in the 2023 SME London Business Awards. It is awarded to a company who combines their passion in business with their shared family values and the judges looked at how we grow the business, keeping our core family values at the heart.

We’re always happy to have new family members join our happy gang – the more the merrier!

3. Rapid response time

There’s nothing more frustrating in business than IT systems that aren’t working properly but are stopping you working properly. Not a problem with JLex though – our current response time is just 19 minutes. So in less than 20 minutes we’ll be sorting your issue and working on getting you back up and running – you’ll barely notice any downtime.

Those are our top three reasons, and all pretty convincing ones, we think. Apart from these, you’ll also find our services are cost-effective and give you specialist, up-to-date knowledge for the fraction of the cost of an in-house IT team.

We also save you time by having a dedicated out of house team to take carry of any IT issues or questions. Plus we can advise on the best systems for your business, transition you to Office 365 or VoIP, and make sure your business and data is safe, secure and free from cyber-attacks.

If you’d like to talk to us more about our award-winning service, drop us a line or give us a call.

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What is IT Management?

IT Management

What is IT Management?

It is essential for any business to make sure your IT infrastructure is up to date and working effectively. There is a large capital investment in IT and not only does this need to be looked after, but the systems, processes and planning you have in place can help move your business forward too.

As technology develops at an ever-increasing pace, so do the resources available to manage your IT. These now include hardware, cloud-based systems, mobile devices, and data collection technologies, not to mention the constantly emerging new tech. Unless you have a large IT team, with a suitably large budget, it can be hard to keep on top and ensure everything is in place to let your business run effectively. Outsourcing your IT management is a perfect way to get the best results.

What does IT Management include?

The IT professionals who look after the management of your IT have many hats to wear. Not every business needs every function covered, but responsibilities may include:

·        Supporting users

·        Implementing and adhering to security procedures

·        Database management

·        Website maintenance and development

·        Network administration

·        System upgrades and updates

·        Software maintenance and development

·        General project management

·        Recruiting and training new staff

It is common to outsource many of these tasks and remote IT management can be a highly cost effective option. You also have the benefit of increased flexibility, often with 24/7 cover, as well as alleviating the worry about holiday or sickness cover.

Why is IT Management so important?

When a company’s systems go down – even just their email – panic sets in. We are all so reliant on technology that we can’t afford lengthy downtime. Having a proper IT Management plan in place will include disaster recovery, easily accessible backups and business continuity. It also means there will be solid preventative measures in place too, such as firewalls and cyber security.

What skills are needed for IT Management?

Such a varied workload calls for a wide skillset. There are specialisms within the IT management field, such as programmers, analysts and network administrators. But some of the key skills needed across the IT board include:

·        Up-to-date technology knowledge

·        Budget management

·        Strategic thinking to maximise budgets, hardware and software, all the time looking to increase business productivity

·        Time management to ensure projects are completed on time and to budget

·        Leadership skills in driving projects forward and getting the most of our resources to hand

 At JLex, we are experts in IT management. We have the skillset needed to look after any aspect of your IT. We work remotely, taking the burden from you and freeing you to get on with the aspects of your business that need you more.


We pride ourselves on taking the mystery out of IT. We always speak to you in your language, not expecting you to understand our jargon. This way, you’ll always know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and the impact it’ll have on your business. Most of the time you won’t even know we’re there, things will just get done.


To talk to us about outsourcing your IT Management, contact us and we’ll be delighted to look at some options tailored for your business.  

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