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Hosted VOIP

We supply a painless transition to VoIP systems and have extensive experience in maintenance and management.

Effective VoIP systems for all your business needs


VoIP works for any size of team, in any location. Use desktop phones or route calls through your computers.


We will ensure you can make and receive clear, high quality calls using your internet connection.


No investment needed for installing or maintaining separate phone lines or hardware.

When it comes to telephones and call systems, VoIP options are adaptable, cost-effective and efficient. JLex has extensive experience in the VoIP sector, including designing and supplying bespoke VoIP optimised services routers. We can convert your existing telephone systems to VoIP quickly and painlessly, and assist with wide scale VoIP deployment, whatever the size of your company. We also work with many well-known service providers on VoIP consulting and project management services.