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Capable Travel

Client: Capable Travel

Company Overview

Capable Travel was established 21 years ago, and remains successfully lead by Jorge Herrera (MD) and his sister Margarita (CFO). The Capable Travel team are a dedicated team of travel specialists in Corporate Travel Management and Luxury Leisure Travel sector. They pride themselves in providing genuine support to people and companies by arranging an optimal travel experience every time. Our business is designed around their travel loyalty, and they achieve this by focusing on enhancing our relationships with our customers.

The Problem

Capable travel had no managed infrastructure, an aging server infrastructure and constant telephony quality issues. JLex were tasked with carrying out an infrastructure audit and identifying the root cause for the business interrupting issues they were having at the time. 

The Solution

JLex undertook an infrastructure refresh for Capable Travel Ltd with a particular focus on updating the infrastructure for future growth and requirements. Particular effort was spent to track down the root cause of the many service interruptions they were experiencing and upgrading the infrastructure to prevent these from recurring. 

The email services were migrated to Microsoft Online services (At the time) and the VoIP numbers and infrastructure were migrated into the JLex cloud infrastructure. We removed the inadequate connectivity, and provided a managed leased line to alleviate the call quality issues and to bolster the system for planned remote working and online backups. 

We then backed all of these changes with our Managed support service, with a business correct SLA, providing Capable Travel with the day to day support they required all whilst keeping things running in the background with infrastructure monitoring. 

The Result

We were working with another IT supplier which we were not happy with, JLex came highly recommended to us.
You came in and quickly re-organized our infrastructure, smoothly and with no downtime. This was over 10 years ago, but we still have the same smooth running of our IT systems as we at the start.
You helped us achieve the ability to very quickly transition to remote working. Whilst the lockdown was in force, the travel industry was suffering because of this and so the fast reaction you had to getting all our staff laptops to work form home, softphones installed and re routing of calls, and even the element of training to help my staff become accustomed to the new systems they quickly had to get used to, gave us the ability to continue throughout the pandemic. Not only did you facilitate a fast action to remote working, you also facilitated a fast action back to the office, and because of this we are able to be much more flexible should we ever require a work from home option.

The support is fantastic, we always feel we are getting the best most cost effective advice which is often industry specific for us.
The response time is amazing, you are always just one call away, often problems resolved within 10 minutes.
Always under the agreed response SLA, our response SLA is 4 hours and I think the longest we have waited for a response is 4 or 5 minutes.

If you want peace on mind work with JLex! I can always contact JLex with a question or query regarding my IT infrastructure where we can improve on which can still be cost effective. You really feel as if JLex are an extensions of your own business and as such you feel you will always get the best service.

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