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Manor Group

Client: Manor Group

Company Overview

The Manor Group have two companies, Manor Renewable Energy and Manor Marine.  Manor Renewable Energy  provide temporary power and bespoke engineering solutions for the offshore renewables industry that support the development, construction and maintenance of wind, wave and tidal projects. Manor Marine has been providing ship building, extensive marine manufacturing and repair, and general engineering services for over 30 years and have a workforce of 70 specialists including welders, fabricators, marine and general engineering fitters, electricians, machinists and carpenters. Both businesses are based in Portland, Dorset.

The Problem

The Manor Group were facing two main issues: the infrastructure for the finance team was no longer viable and at breaking point, and many staff had to start working remotely and the existing systems and server weren’t able to cope.

The Solution

JLex undertook an infrastructure refresh for Manor Marine with a particular focus on helping the finance team plan workflow and cashflow more efficiently. With so many of the team working remotely, it was important to introduce a system that could be accessed and used by the whole team, regardless of their location.

We also migrated the businesses to Office 365, which enabled meetings and calls to go ahead on Teams, and met customer and supplier expectations in terms of technology. This migration included preparing laptops for remote workers and updating outdated software on much of the company’s hardware.

The Result

“When we had the government’s notice to work from home, the implementation of Office 365 was very quick and JLex really shone for us, there is no question of that. We had people having to work from home for the very first time, literally overnight, and JLex turned it around. We were pulling laptops back in from vessels that were not working, gathering up all the hardware that was scattered around the fleet as fast as possible. And we have to commend the JLex team for that, they really bailed us out because who planned for a massive pandemic?

The supply, the hardware and the software set up has been very good and fast. Teams for us has been essential to continue as normal a working practice as we can, and we are gradually transitioning to laptops rather than PCs, which makes remote and hybrid working much more feasible. The infrastructure refresh has definitely resulted in an increase in productivity in the finance team as well.

The outcome of working with JLex is that when it comes to what we need and how we scale the IT side of things, we look to them for advice. The team, and Alex especially, has come up with some great suggestions, always trying to make it cost effective for us as well. We do have some in-house knowledge of IT and systems, but everyone is busy with their own thing, so it is brilliant to have the JLex team to call on.

Looking at what JLex supply us with, we can see how they can continue to support us as we get bigger, whatever that looks like, but the Manor Group as a whole will grow and there will be a great need to support that development too.”

Services Provided

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