What is Cyber Security and Why Do You Need it?

What is Cyber Security and Why Do You Need it?

Cyber-attacks can disable your business, costing money and customer trust. They can be avoided by having a solid Cyber Security plan in place, allowing business continuity and data security.

Cyber Security is critical for businesses. Digital engagement with customers is second nature now and those customers expect you to look after their data. If you want to capture data, you need to show you’re serious about looking after it. Yet only 13% of small businesses have cyber insurance and many do not have a Cyber Security plan, policy or protection in place.

Why the surge in cyber-attacks?

Cyber-attacks have been on the rise for some years. There are more and more ways for breaches to occur. Many of them are human – it just takes one click on a rogue email attachment to disable a whole system and render the data unusable.

Many businesses have a large network of remote connected devices, all of which are susceptible to cyber security breaches, data and privacy risks. The more your organisation becomes connected internally and with others – supply chains for example – the more exposure you have to cyber-attacks. Are you aware of what’s going on with every device? Do you have policies and procedures in place to deal with breaches and security? That includes monitoring all devices on a network.

Change is happening more quickly than ever and technology is developing at a rapid pace. That means businesses look to their cyber tools to deliver more value and efficiency to clients. At the same time, you need to say ahead of the curve with potential cyber risks and threats.

How can you maximise your cyber security?

There are steps every business should implement to help minimise their risk of a cyber-attack.

1.  Education. Not everyone understands the risks, where they come from, or the damage they can have. If you can train your teams and help them appreciate how damaging a cyber breach can be, you can change the culture of your workforce. The more understanding they have, the more equipped they will be to safeguard your business.

2. Improve Security. This one sounds obvious, but many businesses assume that their current processes are enough. Your data is the biggest asset you have. Is your security up to the job of protecting this vital part of your business?

3.  Find your weaknesses. Have a security audit to find out where your weaknesses are. Could it be your hardware, your software or your staff?

4.  Remove the risk. Look at your network and all those potential points of entry for a cyber-attack. Make your network watertight and remove the risk.

Cyber Security is an essential part of any organisation’s set up. It takes time and resources to get it just right and keep on top of the ever-evolving technologies but it’s too important to ignore. JLex has the expertise and time to set you up with a fit-for-purpose Cyber Security process, highlighting where any likely breaches might occur and implementing the tools to prevent breaches and substantial cost to your business.


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