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What Is VoIP and What Are the Benefits?

VoIP is the technology that allows you to make calls using a computer connected to the internet. It is short for Voice over Internet Protocol and essentially switches your voice into a digital signal, enabling it to be sent over the internet. No more handsets or copper wires. All you need is an internet connection, a computer and a headset.

VoiP services can be adapted for different businesses, and you can either manage your own VoIP system or another company can host it for you. The biggest advantage of a hosted service is you don’t have to worry about anything, such as software updates and hardware, and can just use it as you would a standard telephone service.

Benefits of VoIP

  • Adaptable: VoIP works for all sizes of team, remote or office-based. You can choose your preferred hardware too, depending on whether you prefer desktop phones or want to route calls through your computers.
  • Reliable: VoIP calls made and received are clear and of high quality because they are made through your internet connection. No crackly lines or signal dropping.
  • Cost Effective: Because you are using existing internet connections, there’s no extra cost for arranging and maintaining separate phone lines, and potentially very little cost for hardware. 
  • Simple integration: VoIP integrates with most other business software. This makes it easy to transition to VoIP and once your systems are integrated, can help you capitalise on your software’s features. For example, sharing data between your VoIP system and your CRM.
  • Customer satisfaction: It’s easy to have several VoIP lines to manage call queues and avoid placing customers on hold. You can also use AI services to help customers, and route them to the right place.
  • Business growth: New team members can be added quickly and easily to a VoIP system. If you’re moving to bigger premises or expanding into a different country, your VoIP system can move with you.
  • More services: VoIP systems offer several communication methods on top of regular voice calls, such as text, email and video calling. Giving your customers different methods of getting in touch with you is great for the customer journey.
  • Improve productivity: VoIP is great for group calls, making it perfect for remote teams. You can also tailor the system to your specific business needs, including answering services, voicemail delivered to your inbox and call reminders. No more missed calls and messages!

Is VoIP Right For Your Business?

VoIP works for any business. Like with any new systems, the key is in making the right choices before you invest. Always speak to a professional partner who can advise on the best system or package for your specific needs.

JLex has extensive experience in the VoIP sector. We can convert your existing telephone systems quickly and painlessly, whatever the size of your company. And we will always make sure you know exactly how it works and what extra benefits VoIP will bring to your business. Get in touch with us for an initial chat and to find out more.