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Six reasons to outsource your business’ IT solutions

Many small to medium sized business debate outsourcing their IT solutions versus managing them in house. But some of the top line benefits are hard to ignore. For a start, it’s a great way to give your company’s infrastructure the best chance to support your growth. It allows the smooth continuity of your business and gives you a competitive advantage. An expert IT provider will also be quick to react and adapt to your needs. This takes some of the uncertainty out of forecasting future needs, which, let’s face it, are now more challenging than ever. Outsourcing your IT also lets you keep tighter control over IT spend, reducing operating expense surprises.

Here are some key advantages of outsourcing IT:

1. Experienced IT support whenever you need it

Hiring IT professionals with the right level of experience for your business introduces a certain level of risk to your business. For many companies, IT support involves taking staff away from their key objectives of growing and supporting the business. With an outsourced IT solution, a pool of talented experts is available around the clock and on demand to offer immediate and simple support. These specialists will also have a wide range of experience at supporting different business types.

2. Take back control of IT spend

As any small to medium size business knows, it is difficult to plan for every unforeseen costs. And typically, that’s when something goes wrong with your IT. Outsourced IT support providers immediately understand the risks in your business and will be able to tailor their services accordingly. By agreeing an upfront monthly cost, your company will provide the level of service required and one that can flex up and down as requirements change, without affecting the bottom line.

3. Save money on HR

Outsourcing IT solutions has great potential to reduce your costs and increase your talent pool without putting unnecessary strain on your human resource function. This might include:

  • Access to a wide range of talent and roles without the need to hire and manage large teams;
  • No need to invest time and money hiring and firing;
  • Post pandemic there is a distinct lack of IT talent. In fact a third of UK organisations report they plan to outsource more of their IT over the next two years
  • Increasingly, the workplace is moving to remote IT support providing the benefit of 24 / 7  support without the need for expensive call out charges or in-house salaries and overtime.

4. Optimise productivity

IT issues can be a serious distraction from you and your co-workers’ primary job function. Over time, this can significantly reduce your company’s productivity. Fortunately, with remote tech services, you can increase productivity by having a highly trained and focused remote team solve your IT issues.

5. Technology ahead of the curve

As your business evolves, so will your technology demands. You can trust a remote IT support provider to stay ahead of the curve in terms of the latest software and products, providing reliable advice on what to upgrade and when. With the plethora of solutions available to companies, this can be an invaluable way of ensuring best of breed software solutions.

6. Secure your business from risk and cyber attack

An expert team will review and help to identify your cyber security strategic priorities and uncover the likelihood of issues occurring. They will routinely identify quick improvements and take the right steps to mitigate potential cyber threats as well as ensuring that you stay on the right side of regulatory requirements.

JLex Networks can save you time, money and resources. Our outsourced specialists are ready to spring into action, adapt, help you keep ahead of the competition and grow with you. Get in touch with us to find out more.